Louiswadi in Thane

Babban Paya Shop has been around in Thane for more than 35 years. This’s a small nondescript shop in one of the bylanes of Louiswadi in Thane. Louiswadi’s a very interesting name for a locality. I’m not sure how the place got its name. But I’m sure it’ll be an interesting story – either a Portuguese, British or East Indian one. At least that’s what it seems like on the face of it. Thane might not share the same romanticism and exposure of Bombay and its food offerings. But Thane food does hold out on its own and some of its offerings are fairly unique

Thane food

Paya and Bheja at Babban Paya Shop

Babban’s Paya Shop – Tasty Thane Food

Babban’s grandmom Parvati is the main cook and skilled pair of hands behind the concept and still comes to the shop everyday. Babban’s hands-on too and has been successfully running this for some time. Their shop is all about mutton. The preferred meat in this part of the world and they serve a good variety of different parts of mutton (goat)

Their Pièce De Résistance is the goat paya they serve. The trotters are first burnt over a flame and then cleaned. It’s then cooked with ginger-garlic, whole garam masala, cumin and coriander powder. This region and the neighbouring areas of what’s called ‘Desh’, which include the neighbouring districts of Pune, Satara upto Kolhapur. Have this tendency to use a lot of coriander and cumin powder in their gravies. Leading to a certain masaledaar sharpness in their flavour profile. Babban’s Paya has this too. Served with pav, it’s one of the better ones I’ve had in Bombay and around – Marathi style

The other brilliant dish that Babban makes is Bheja (goat brain) poached in gravy. Bheja, in this part of the world is usually cooked in an onion based masala or fried. I saw a poached version for the first time and it was quite delicious

At the time of ordering, Babban did ask me ‘Medium’ or ‘Thikhat’ and I said Thikhat. For me Bombay thikhat isn’t really thikhat. Doesn’t match up to the Kolhapuri-Nagpuri-Saoji levels of chilli-spicy. In all fairness, Babban did ask me twice when I asked for Thikhat and I got what I deserved. A super-duper spicy Paya a a super-duper spicy bheja

Next time, I’ll probably settle for ‘Medium’ 😊 Babban also serves a mutton curry, liver, kidney, stomach and keema. All that for next time

If you’re in Thane and on mood for local Thane food, you can’t miss Babban Paya Shop

The shop has no board or signage and you’ll have to identify it from the photograph above. The shop opens in the evening by 7pm and shuts around 12 midnight or till when stocks last

Here’s the GPS location for the same

19°11′53″ N 72°57′42″ E

Happy hunting and chowder-on!