Pune Street Food

Pune has a vast and varied scene for local food. Pune street food in the traditional Hindu/Brahmin areas of the many ‘peths’ and ‘wadas’ is both a mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian. The non vegetarian is mostly around sheep meat and not goat. Which’s also the case this side of Maharastra, especially in what’s known as the Desh region. Animals that are domesticated aren’t eaten as meat. The vegetarian food here’s mainly Brahmin-driven which I’ll take up in another post

The Muslim and Parsi areas are predominantly non vegetarian and the preferred meat here is goat. The vada pav is the go to street food of choice, but the pav bhaji isn’t that prevalent here. Pune doesn’t really have a very big Udupi restaurant culture unlike neighbouring Mumbai. But it’s got some good options, both big format and small. The South Indian dish outside of the Udupi restaurants, that’s taking Pune street food by storm is the Davangere Loni dosa, which’s originally from Davangere in Karnataka, but is now quite famous across most of Pune

Pune street food

Alti Palti


Pune Station ka Alti Palti

The Alti Palti is both a Mumbai and Pune street food thingi. I was actually surprised when I saw this for the first time. I was hanging around the Pune railway station area and noticed these numerous egg carts. All in one row. They were dishing out mainly bhurji pav, but I overheard one customer ask for an Alti Patli. The name intrigued me and I watched in fascination how the dish was made

Alti palti turned out to be the Pune street food version of Easy over eggs. It takes a bit of skill to make an easy over and I was surprised to see street vendors make this with ease. Alti palti’s made like a sunny-side-up, but is flipped over for 15-odd seconds. So that the top layer of the yolks get cooked and crispy, but the inside still remains gooey. I’m a big fan of the sunny-side-up, but I thought that the Alti palti goes one up

The Alti palti vendors start their business early evening and stay on till late night. You can find them on either side of the station entrance and exit

Sometimes because of trouble from the authorities. they shift base from the station entrance to the corporation parking nearby

Here’s the GPS location of the corporation parking near to the station in case you don’t find the Alti palti vendors near the Pune railway station entrance

18°31′40″ N 73°52′23″ E

Happy hunting and chowder-on!