I saw this amazing jugaad by a street vendor in Gautam Nagar in Delhi. I’d gone for lunch to South Cafe, my favourite place for Kerala food in Delhi and noticed this street vendor selling rasgulla and something else. That something else turned out to be a thickish bread slice dipped in sugar syrup and the guy was calling this Meetha Bread. I’ve seen many versions of sweets/desserts made from bread, but this was quite unique. On probing some more the vendor opened up and told me that he buys the rassgulla from somewhere and sells it from his modified cycle at this very spot

Jugaad of the Meetha Bread

So putting two and two together, I figured that this very intelligent guy bought the rassgulla from somewhere and bought a rather special bread from some local bakery (it didn’t taste like regular bread and had a hint of some spice) and has managed to create a sweet out of the excess sugar syrup of the rassgulla and is selling this as Meetha Bread. I’d actually never seen this concept before and hence was quite impressed with his jugaad. Later on when I shared the photograph of the Meetha Bread on my Instagram account, I got to know from others that the Meetha Bread isn’t that uncommon. I was told that this’s a common thing in Bengal and is a quite a popular item in many sweet shops there. It’s also available elsewhere in Delhi and is a favourite among children

I found the Meetha bread in Gautam Nagar, at the T-junction when you go from the Gulmohar park main road into Gautam nagar, next to the DDA flats. The guy who sells this is a street vendor and sells it from his modified cycle. I’m not sure if he’s here all the time, but that’s where I found him and this seemed like his regular spot for selling the Meetha bread and rassgulla

Happy hunting and chowder-on!