This’s the concept currently on a roll in Jama Masjid. I’d earlier predicted a meteoric rise for the Butter Cream Chicken in this part of Delhi, but the cult of the BCC which I also call the Mughlaification of Butter Chicken hasn’t spread beyond Aslam, Anmol and a couple of more shops. Whereas it’s one of the older albeit lesser known stalwarts of Matia Mahal selling Shahi Tukra, which’s now spreading its wings

Shahi Tukra at Jama Masjid

Cool point started as a small counter on the Matia Mahal road close to Jama Masjid in Old Delhi, selling Shahi Tukra in a big parath and vanilla and mango ice cream as accompaniments. I think they’re been here for more than 20-30 years if not more and their hand churned ice cream is pretty decent. Even though the mango one reeks of pure essence

The Shahi Tukra comes with a thick layer of corn flour custard and nuts on top and the bread’s fried in not just any ghee, but Mohan Ghee, a world-famous-in-Karol-Bagh ghee brand, the tins of which have always been displayed quite proudly at Cool Point as a point to make that their bread has been fried in nothing less than Mohan Ghee. The ghee’s quite decent btw

I really don’t think that Cool Point does an exceptional Shahi Tukra. But they do serve it piping hot. The ice cream doesn’t come automatically with the Shahi Tukra and you’ve to ask for this. The combination of the hot Shahi Tukra with the chilled dessert is quite magical on a cold Delhi winter evening and a must-have when you’re in the Jama Masjid area

Last I counted there are now four Cool Points between Matia Mahal and Urdu Bazaar (at least the ones I know about)

May the force be with them and their tribe multiply !!

Though the Cool Point outlets in Matia Mahal are quite visible, here’s the location and other details of one of their locations on Zomato, in case you have any difficulty finding them

Link to Zomato page

And here’s the GPS location to their original outlet in Matia Mahal

28°38′57″ N 77°14′1″ E