Though I’ve been in Delhi for many years and I started my blogging innings here in 2011. It was in Pune to where I moved in early 2012, where my blogposts came out in full flow. I’ve  now started blogging afresh after having let go of all my initial blogposts and one-by-one revisiting the old spots and many new ones along the way. The Camp area in Pune for me is reminiscent of a lot of things. I’ve lived in army cantonments most of my childhood and Camp and the areas around remind me of the years gone by. It’s also old-classic Poona for me. The Poona of the days gone by. The JJ Garden area in Camp is a place I visited many times for the Garden Vada Pav. One of my favourite joints for the dish. This’s a hugely popular place that I’ll take up in another post. But somehow I always managed to miss this really nice kebab placed called Garden Sheekh Kebab. Probably because of all the cars parked in front. I’ve been hearing a lot about Khiri kebab but somehow never had this as its not that common

Khiri kebab

Garden Sheekh Kebab Stall

Khiri kebab at Garden Sheekh Kebab

The Khiri kebab turned out to be love at first bite for me. I first had the usual Sheekh kebab. Then I casually enquired on how much did the boti cost. I was then told that this’s Khiri not boti. I will never forget my first bite of the Khiri or the face of Farooq Bhai whose been at the stall for the past 10 years (Though I think the stall is around some 15-odd years old and the owner of the stall is someone else). For me Farooq’s the masalchi and the cook and for all practical purposes the main dude at Garden Sheekh Kebab

The Khiri was actually quite outstanding. It’s not exactly melt-in-the-mouth and has a slight chewy feel to it. But only slightly chewy. Unlike the usual tough and chewy mutton/buff boti kebab that one gets across the country, the Khiri kebab goes does very well. Farooq Bhai also marinates it well and makes a good tasty kebab. His Sheekh kebabs are ok. Though not outstanding

The stall’s open on all days and from 5pm till stocks last. Here’s the GPS location of the stall

18°31′2″ N 73°52′39″ E

Happy hunting and chowder-on!!