Desi Shezwan Rice Made With Millets

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Millets Millets are the original cereal of many regions in India. Especially areas which are traditionally drought prone. These are hardy crops that require much less water compared to rice and wheat and generally have a higher tolerance to temperature fluctuations. With the movement across the world to Ancient Grains and Ancient Food Culture (Read […]

Kerala Tea Shop In Bangalore

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Chai & Kadi

Bangalore’s Famous Groundnut Festival

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Kadalekai Parishe or the Groundnut Farmer Festival is an annual feature in Bangalore

Timepass - The Famous Snack of Bangalore

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Timepass is a Dish unique to Bangalore. It gets it name from smallish-rectangular shaped fried snack called Timepass, which’s made like a Bhel

Phaal - Street Dish Unique To Bangalore

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Phaal is Dish unique to Bangalore. It’s both a reddish-brown curry made from buff in a coriander-pepper-onion-ginger-garlic thickish curry. But on the streets of Bangalore, Phaal is almost always thinly sliced buff pieces, marinated and chargrilled, served on a dried-leaf plate, with some sliced onion. It’s an evening snack and most street vendors start selling […]

Beegara Oota - A Kannada Marriage Custom

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Beegara Oota is an age-old tradition of the Gowdas, a community mainly from Southern Karnataka. Also known as Vokkaligas, they’re a largely agricultural community who have a healthy non-vegetarian diet. The Beegara Oota is a special tradition of the Gowdas, in which two-three days after the wedding, the groom’s side invites the bride’s family for […]

What Is A Congress Bun?

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The Congress Bun has an interesting story behind the name and is now pretty much part of Jayanagar and Bangalore folklore. I found this at VB Bakery, an old Bangalore bakery situated at the start of Thindi Beedi in Basavangudi. The famous khau galli or food street of the area. I was going to Thindi […]

Midnight Chai in Bangalore

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I’ve only been going to Savera Tea Centre in Shivaji Nagar since 1998 for my doses of midnight chai. But the place’s been around for much more. I was 23 when I moved to Bangalore and in those days wasn’t too much into discovery of food, inspite of working as a chef at the flight […]

Kentacky Chicken Corner

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The Original KFC Kentacky Chicken Corner opened almost at the same time KFC opened their first outlet in India. At Brigade Road in Bangalore. Could be a few months earlier or a few months later. The Indian economy was just about opening up during this time and there was tremendous opposition locally, to all such […]