History Of The Russian Salad

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Expedition to Goa I went to Goa after a gap of six long years and was staying in Morjim, in the Northern part of Goa. North Goa is now famously associated with Russian tourists. I dunno much about Russia or what Russians do when they holiday, but was most excited to find this Russian owned […]

The Chair That Defines An Irani Cafe

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The Bistro Chair or Irani Cafe Chair The Irani cafes of Bombay and Western India are mad-quirky spaces, in a league of their own. If you’ve grown up in Bombay or around, these Irani cafes have tremendous nostalgia value – chai and akuri pav with friends after cricket, the first date (as one would have […]

Story of Sambar - The Maratha Influence

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Dad’s side is from Trivandrum in South Kerala and Mom’s side from Pallakad in the North. I’ve mostly been exposed to the culture and food from South Kerala and had the chance to sample flavours from Palakkad, once over lunch with Lalitha Aunty (a superb cook from Mom’s side) who’s from Pallakad. I was quite […]

Jugaad Of The Meetha Bread

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I saw this amazing jugaad by a street vendor in Gautam Nagar in Delhi. I’d gone for lunch to South Cafe, my favourite place for Kerala food in Delhi and noticed this street vendor selling rasgulla and something else. That something else turned out to be a thickish bread slice dipped in sugar syrup and the guy […]

Amarphal and the Story Behind the Name

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Amarphal in Indian Folklore The Amarphal (Immortal Fruit) or Persimmon has a very interesting story behind it. Not sure how true or false is this, but I guess you can never say for sure with something that’s folklore Once upon a time, there was this very rich and worldly-wise king who ruled over a vast […]

Nankhatai - The Dying Indian Biskoot

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Origin of the Nankhatai The soft crumbly nankhatai brings back many a fond memory. The word ‘Nankhatai’ comes from the Persian word ‘Nan’ meaning bread and ‘Khatai’ most probably comes from ‘Catai’ or ‘Cathay’, the older name for China. Thus, loosely translating as ‘Bread of Cathay’. Though it’s hard to confirm this, the Nankhatai was […]