Was so glad to find Kuzhi Paniyaram on the streets of Bangalore. This’s the savoury Tamil version of the Kerala Unniappam (it could also be vice versa 😊)

How to Make Kuzhi Paniyaram

Kuzhi Paniyaram is usually made from Idli or Dosa batter and is also a great way to deal with batters which have turned a bit sour, which makes it unit for making idli or dosa. The Idli or Dosa batter is thoroughly mixed, then a tempering is added to this. In a bit of oil, mustard seeds, then curry leaves are added. Then finely chopped shallots, chopped green chilly, grated coconut is added. Some people also added a bit of sago (soaked in water) to the batter. Not sure what the Sago does to the dish, but I’ve seen people adding this

The Paniyakkal (mould in which the Β dish’s made) is oiled or ghee added and heated on a low flame. The mixture’s then poured into the mould (as shown in the photo). Then cooked very slowly on a flame for atleast 3-4 minutes and then flipped over and cooked again

The resulting crisp-outside-soft-inside texture of the Paniyaram is quite outstanding. Though Idli has its own very large following. I’m much more partial to the Paniyaram 😊