Nendran Banana

The Nendran Banana is Kerala’s most famous variety. Almost 40-50% of banana cultivation in Kerala is of this variety. It’s a cultivar of Musa Paradisiaca, the botanical name for the modern cultivated banana.

It’s difficult to say for sure where the Banana originated. Some experts say it was in India, others say it was in the belt between South-East Asia and the North-East part of India. It probably then spread from here to Africa and the Pacific. The Banana plant is a humid-tropical plant and grows well in regions with an average temperature of around 24-26 degree centigrade. It was known as the Apple of Paradise in the earlier days. Probably thats why the botanical name of Musa Paradisiaca

The Nendran variety is grown mostly in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in South India. It’s both a cooking and a dessert banana. Extensively used in Malayali cooking, making use of both savoury and ripe banana. The famed banana chips is made from raw nendran bananas. Ripe bananas are eaten as a fruit and also steamed and had as a dessert

Chengalikodan Nendran Banana

The sweetest and tastiest Nendran is supposed to come from Trissur, from the Chengazhikode area and this region now has a GI tag (Geographical Indication) for the Chengalikodan banana. This version of the Nendran is offers to Lord Krishna in the Guruvayur temple and is given as a gift to relatives and friends during Onam

The Nendran has a wonderful-unique taste and texture and can be used in many different ways, apart from steaming and making chips