Food in Ratnagiri

Food in Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri is a small town in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Though small, it’s an extremely food focused place with fresh local seafood and very tasty food. Here are the list of the places serving good food in Ratnagiri

Amantran restaurant


This’s Konkan food at its best. Spectacular range of seafood and absolutely fresh. The rawa fried prawns was stunning and very very fresh. The kombdi vade’s a very unusual local interpretation of the South Indian methu vada. It a fluffy fried puri made from rice, urad dal along with chana dal, jowar and a flavouring of methi seeds and the hole in the center makes it look almost like a methu vada, which’s more of a breakfast dish/snack, while the kombdi vada has been skilfully adapted as a bread to accompany curries.

Gopal restaurant

Gopal restaurant was a good find in Ratnagiri. Small, but creatively done up. The food was quite stunning and the Sol Kadi, one of the best I’ve had till now. The mutton fry was to die for and the fish was beautifully spiced and fried. I ate like a pig. पेट was full and mind was fully satisfied.

Lajjat restaurant

This’s a superb seafood and local cuisine restaurant at Hotel Vivek. I also wanted to try the vegetarian food in Ratnagiri and that’s what I had at Lajjat. I ordered the vegetarian thali and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The pomfret that I ordered along with the thali was very very tasty. Ratnagiri’s indeed both a vegetarian and seafood lover’s dream destination.

Kohale pak at Helkar sweet shop

This was an unsual sweet I discovered in while roaming around in Ratnagiri. Kohale or Ash gourd (petha in Hindi) is usually hung in front of houses to ward off evil. Its also cooked in sugar (more like caramel consistency) to make the mildly-sweet-very-unusual-but-tasty Kohale pak. Though made with the same ingredients, the Kohale pak is very different from the Agra-wala angoori or dry petha.

Location and directions to these restaurants for food in Ratnagiri

 Happy hunting good food in Ratnagiri and chow-chow!
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  1. wow once again………………….

  2. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    Thanks Yummraj.

  3. OMG I wanna eat that fish thali!!!!

  4. Hi, Found some really ‘must visit’ places on your site specially in Pune. Great job . keep up the good work. One suggestion If you could mention the expenses too in all the visited places it would be worth while inormation to chose best VFM places & avoid the BILL shock. ;) .

  5. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    Hi Paras. I don’t write about expensive places at all, but point taken, I’ll start mentioning general price points for the off beat dining places which I cover. Street food is usually very affordable.

  6. Hi I went to Amantran Restaurant n your recommendation and I must say I was not a bit disappointed.

    I also tried the Kohale Pak. Thanks

  7. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    Thanks LP. Always a ‘Gulp’ moment, when you read ‘went with your recommendation and bit disappointed’. But was glad to also see ‘not’ in between. Cheers!

  8. i am off to ratnagiri..going to try your suggestions


  9. Thanks and your info is good as visiting Ratnagiri tmrw.

  10. Found your link ont he HES FB page and was particularly drawn to Ratnagiri, as I am currently reading a book by Amitav Ghosh which has a major portion written around this place; Also as per history the Last king of Burma was imprisoned here, is there any Burmese influenced restaurants around this place?

    • Chowder Singh says: (Author)

      Haven’t seen any Burmese influence in the commercial establishments. But I’d gone on a very short visit.

  11. Umashankar Sharma says:

    Dear CS…
    Few months ago, I’d read an article about a family engaged in mango cultivating & running a homesay somewhere in Ratnagiir district.. ( it was a hyperlink in your blog or on your travel, now, when i’m travelling to Ratnagiri in December, I’m looking for it’s detail but unable to find it ( i’m forgotten it contact detail… & wanna to locate it..)
    Will you pl. give me it’s contact detail ( i’m left with fading memories of their mangoes orchards with rural home setting as you desicribed on your blog… but now it appears to have been deleted…).
    Write pl.
    Sharmaa U,

  12. Hi, I am from ratnagiri and glad you covered our ratnagiri very well. :)

  13. I along with my wife, we tried mithila restaurant. Its nice place with good veg cuisines. A must try place.

  14. Sarfaraz says:

    Next time you are in Ratnagiri, do check out the seafood thali at Prashant Lunch Home.