Coconut Poli

Rajpal’s Street Snack Shop in Adayar

India has great street food. But not everything’s good. At times you need to search hard. And most of the time, you’ll find it hidden away in nooks ‘n corners. I eat a fair bit of street food. Most of it’s very average. But once in a while I find these sparks-o-brilliance. I’d gone to 50 year old Cornet hotel in Adayar Chennai to check out their kutthu parotta. It was decent stuff, but not exceptional. I was walking down the street looking for filter coffee. I do a lot of general timepass. And this was one of those moments. I chanced upon this street corner shop selling fried snacks. This was around afternoon. And there wasn’t a large crowd or anything. But still the look of this stall drew me there. The stall had bhajji (the South Indian version of pakoras). Samosa-cutlet. And this unusual looking folded sorta sweet. On enquiring, I was told that this’s Thengai or coconut poli. Hmmm! Poli’s a very Maharashtrian word. I wondered what was it doing in a local street shop in Chennai.


Coconut poli

Coconut poli


coconut poli

Snacks at Rajpal’s street shop in Adayar


Coconut Poli 

The Thengai or coconut poli at Rajpal’s street shop looked very inviting. It was smallish in size. Folded in half. With a stuffing that was delicious.  So I asked Rajpal on how does he makes coconut poli. The process, as he explained to me. Is simple. The dough for the outer covering’s made from maida flour ‘n ghee. The stuffing has jaggery, grated coconut ‘n cardamom. The dough is made into small balls ‘n rolled out in a round shape. The stuffing’s put in the centre. Then folded in half. And cooked on both sides on a hot plate. Rajpal’s poli was soft, moist ‘n delicious. I’ve had many versions of the gulachi poli, holige, obbatu, etc. But mostly inside South Indian/Maharashtrian homes. I was amazed to see this sorta quality been put out at a street shop. I’ve seen some of the bigger sweet shops make quite a hash out of this sweet. But certainly not our dear Rajpal. Though his shop’s tucked away in a corner ‘n not very visible. He has quite a loyal following. After all, he ‘n before him, his dad. Have been consistently putting out brilliant stuff since 1977.


Rajpal also does very good fried stuff like samosa, bhajji, jhangri, cutlets ‘n super quality namkeen. But it’s the coconut poli that I’d go back to his shop for again ‘n again. I fell in love with it :)


Video On Coconut Poli


Details of Rajpal’s shop 

Address – Next to Adayar bakery, Sardar Patel road, Adayar, Chennai

Timing – 10 am to 6 pm.

Pricing – The coconut poli’s priced at Rs.20 per piece.


Coconut poli

Coconut poli


coconut poli

Bhajji at Rajpal’s street shop in Adayar



Location of this coconut poli shop on Google maps 

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Also, please remember that the pricing of dishes that I’ve mentioned, are when I’ve visited. They might change over a period of time. I’ve still included these as a general guideline. And, please do remember that I write mostly about street food. I try ‘n write only about those places, which not only serve good food, but seem to maintain good hygiene practices. I suggest, for safety’s sake, it’s always better to eat at a street food place which’s busy. Also, neat ‘n clean. If they’re making an effort to keep the place clean, you can be reasonably sure that they’re also making an effort to serve hygienic food. But I’d say always go by your own instinct. And if you’re not sure, but still like to try, then have only the cooked stuff that’s still warm. Safer that way.


Happy hunting the coconut poli ‘n chow-chow!

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  1. That looks delicious! The pictures are making my mouth water! Must try coconut poli on my next visit to Chennai. Cheers :)

  2. Worth reading! Got a new place to hangout and try out the snack varieties in CHENNAI! Thanks! :D