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Vada pav in Pune

The funny thing on the streets of Pune is almost everything gets stuck into a pav – Samosa pav, Kebab pav, Bhajjia pav, Bhurji pav, Omelette pav, Dabeli; but the most popular is of course the omnipresent Vada pav. But, sadly, except for a  few, the vada pav on the streets of Pune can be best described as a legion of averageness. I’ve been on the hunt for a good vada pav joint for a long time, but couldn’t really find anything that’s even above average. Joshi Vadawale is good only in their original shop and in the one in front of Dagdu seth temple. Finally, after a long hunt, I found the Garden vada pav stall in front of JJ Garden in Camp.

Garden vada pav centre 

Hmmm!! The crod there caught my attention. This was looking very promising. So I’d a look at their offerings – Vada pav and Masala chaach. The vada was quite decently big and looked quite appetising.

The pav had a layer of sweetish green chutney inside. The vada was big and very neatly crisp. This was my kind of vada pav – nicely fried and super tasty. The accompaniment was a couple of fried green chillies and a single piece of gentle-subtle lime pickle. I rubbed a bit of the pickle on the top of the vada and the result was quite outstanding, but really what made this dish an absolute stunner was the choora (little bits of fried batter that separate during frying) that was served along with the vada pav. The choora added an extra bit of crunch to the dish and made the dish quite stunning. The second item on the menu, the masala chaach had a bit of crushed mint added along with a few spices and was spectacular.

The vada pav at the Garden vada pav centre is truly exceptional and is the best that I’ve tasted in Pune till now. The owner’s Mr. Naiku whose originally from Ahmednagar. The Garden vada pav centre was started by his father 40 years ago.

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They start at 9 am till 10 pm on all days of the week and are pretty much busy throughout the day.

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Also, please remember that the pricing of dishes that I’ve mentioned, are when I’ve visited. They might change over a period of time. I’ve still included these as a general guideline. And, please do remember that I write mostly about street food. I try ‘n write only about those places, which not only serve good food, but seem to maintain good hygiene practices. I suggest, for safety’s sake, it’s always better to eat at a street food place which’s busy. Also, neat ‘n clean. If they’re making an effort to keep the place clean, you can be reasonably sure that they’re also making an effort to serve hygienic food. But I’d say always go by your own instinct. And if you’re not sure, but still like to try, then have only the cooked stuff that’s still warm. Safer that way.

Happy hunting Garden vada pav and chow-chow!

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  1. Whoooaaa that makes me hungry… dude I have tried this one on my last visit to Pune and yes it indeed one of the best Vada Paos I have had..

  2. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    LKR, my thoughts exactly.