Gujarati Bhojanalaya

Gujarati food in Hyderabad 

You don’t really get proper Gujarati food in Hyderabad. What you get is Rajdhani and these Rajdhani inspired Gujju-Rajasthani places. The food’s somewhat Rajasthani and somewhat Gujarati with a sprinkling of a few ‘Punjabi dishez’. Though the food’s not bad. It’s very commercial. And has no soul.


gujarati food in hyderabad

Gujarati bhojanalaya in Secundrabad


Gujarati bhojanalaya 

This was quite a find. I was out shopping for c-pvc pipes and GI fittings (don’t ask me why?). The shopkeeper was a Mota-bhai (elder brother in Gujarati – just to clarify). So I asked him where would I find good Gujarati food in Hyderabad. I asked this half-heartedly ’cause I somehow already knew the answer’s gonna be ‘Rajdhani’. But No. He said

“Try the Gujarati Bhojanalaya at the Gujarat Seva Mandal in Secunderabad”

Woah! That sounded like something special. And he also said that go on a Sunday. You get a special thali. So there I was. The very next Sunday – At Gujarati bhojanalaya. Along with my friend Sanjay Borra. A fellow foodie n’ a street photographer who has this wonderful site on Hyderabad street photography.

The Sunday special thali had velvety-smooth khandvi as appetizer. Mag nu shaak, a dry-ish very tasty moong ki sabji made from whole green gram. Bateta nu rasawadu shaak, a potato curry with a thin tomato based rassa. Papdi ringan nu shaak, a green flat bean called papdi ‘n brinjal preparation with a thick-lipta gravy. And accompanied by dal, rice, rotis with lots of ghee on ‘em and pappad. The food was indeed very special.


gujarati food in hyderabad

Thali at Gujarati bhojanalaya Secundrabad


And Khandvi’s something I ‘lurve’. It’s amazing how extremely simple ingredients can be transformed into something exceptional. The velvety-smooth texture of the khandvi’s a classic example of this. Khandvi’s made from very simple ingredients. A finely ground chana dal, yoghurt, a mild green chilly-ginger flavouring ‘n hing. This’s cooked over a slow flame till the mixture becomes cooked ‘n pasty. Then spooned out ‘n spread as a thin sheet. This’s to be done with considerable skill ‘n speed. If the mixture hardens before it’s spread out. It becomes useless. The sheet’s then allowed to cool ‘n cut into these heavenly strips of velvety joy. And a light tempering of mustard seed, hing ‘n chillies is added ‘n garnished with grated coconut ‘n chopped coriander. Heaven!


The big misconception ’bout Gujarati food’s that everything’s sweet. Some of the stuff is. But not everything. A bit oily, if I may so. But overall very tasty. And Gujarati bhojanalaya’s definitely the place to have good authentic Gujarati food in Hyderabad. The Sunday special thali had two desserts. A fruit custard ‘n a lovely shrikhand. The shrikhand was homemade. A bit pasty, not-as-smooth as some of the commercial ones and delicious. The food at Gujarati bhojanalaya’s indeed a treat.


gujarati food in hyderabad

Gujarati bhojanalaya Secundrabad

gujarati food in hyderabad

Sunday thali at Gujarati bhojanalaya


Details of the restaurant 

Address – Gujarati seva mandal, Off RP road, Secundrabad.

Timing – 1230 pm to 9 pm everyday. They close for Sunday dinner.

Pricing – The Sunday special thali’s priced at Rs. 100. It’s awesome value for money.

Phone numbers – 9246841312, 9290750388.

gujarati food in hyderabad

Shrikand at Gujarati bhojanalaya Secundrabad

gujarati food in hyderabad

Chetan bhai at Gujarati bhojanalaya Secundrabad


Location on Google maps 

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About Chowder Singh’s Hyderabad street food guide 


gujarati food in hyderabad

Signage inside Gujarati bhojanalaya


This guide has references to Chowder Singh’s favourite street ‘n local food in Hyderabad ‘n offbeat eating places. Along with original photos ‘n location on Google maps. Kindly note that Chowder Singh pays for all his meals. There are no listings against freebies or payment. And absolutely no going around looking for free biryani. If you’ve any feedback on Gujarati food in Hyderabad. Please do share your experiences, either in the comments section below or in the Chowder Singh facebook group.

Here’s the link


Also, please remember that the pricing of dishes that I’ve mentioned, are when I’ve visited. They might change over a period of time. I’ve still included these as a general guideline. And, please do remember that I write mostly about street food. I try ‘n write only about those places, which not only serve good food, but seem to maintain good hygiene practices. I suggest, for safety’s sake, it’s always better to eat at a street food place which’s busy. Also, neat ‘n clean. If they’re making an effort to keep the place clean, you can be reasonably sure that they’re also making an effort to serve hygienic food. But I’d say always go by your own instinct. And if you’re not sure, but still like to try, then have only the cooked stuff that’s still warm. Safer that way.


Happy hunting Gujarati food in Hyderabad and chow-chow!

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  1. Lovely! I have never been here – next time surely!

  2. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    It’s a lovely place Shruti.

  3. Bageshri Aurangabadkar says:

    Thank you, never knew such a place existed in Secunderabad, there’s a beaten down Shyam Bhojanalay on RP road…..but we have always had a Gujrati Thali at Hanuman Tekdi….can’t wait for the next Sunday…they might have aamras-puri on the menu now !

  4. Umashankar Sharma says:

    Dear CS…!! first of all a caveat, pl. ignore the delay in my response..!! never ever miss Gujarati thali in “Gujarati Samaj” Kashmiri Gate New Delhi,

    It’s claimed to one of the best in Gujarati domain, an unforgettable experience & patronised by who’s who like Sonal Mansingh, Dr. Karan Singh & so on…
    Moreover & quite interestingly, the “Thali” at “Gujarat Bhawan” is competent to make it mark, though not as stupendous as foremer one & little expensive too.,
    But former one is surely not to miss………!!

  5. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    Dear Umashankar. I’ll definitely check out the thali at the Gujarati samaj, when I’m next in Delhi.

  6. Narasimha says:

    Thanks for the excellent write-up. I drove all the way from Hi-Tech city with my Wife & Daughter to this place to sample their fare this Sunday & was not disappointed. The place was completely full & had to wait for 1/2 hour.

    However, this week there was no amras & we had only 1 sweet of Shrikhand. The Namkeen was the fluffiest Dhokla ever in place of Khandvi & rest of the dishes were same as that snapped by you. Overall a good experience.

    Keep up the good work of providing more such lesser known places.

  7. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    Thank you Narsimha.

  8. Vijay Krishna Sharma says:

    dear Chowder Singh. Seen review of Gujarati Bhojanalaya & eagerly awaiting to check it out. Also I remember my visit to Umakant maharaj in Kolkata for Gujarati Thali meal.The food was awsome & theire Sunday Lunch thali is really aTREAT for foodlover.

  9. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    Vijay. Where in Kolkata is Umakant Maharaj located?

  10. vijay krishna sharma says:

    dear chowder singh
    umakant maharaj is at 1 rup chand roy street (1st floor) near junction of Mahatma Gandhi road & upper chitpur road in Barra Bajar Kolkata.

  11. Bhavesh Shah says:

    Place is small people r good. Food owsome service best hygine is good thnk chetan bhai

  12. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    Chetan bhai’s the best :)

  13. Vijay Krishna Sharma says:

    Thanks for the Lead to visit there. was there yesterday at Lunch. Simple,tasty, hygeanic and Homely food. I enjoyed the meal heartly. I suggest a visit for Thali meal at Joshi Bhojanaalya (friends Union) at narrottamwadi in Kalbadevi Road . While your next visit to MUMBAI. They serve very nice veg. thali . Ihave visited there several times & in my must visit agenda whenever I am in Mumbai. Awaiting to Taste mahimhalwa at Grantroad in my next visit to mumbai. Thanks again.

  14. one more pragati bhojanaya at sultan bazaar in hyderabad….near koti also serves gujrati thali…its realy worth try..

  15. I have been to this place may times. I was doing my MBA entrace classes from Times institute then. This place happens to be adjacent to my classes. I loved the food a lot, especially the jaggery jar on the table.

    I am not getting chance to get there.

    Thanks for sharing this again

  16. can you plz suggest Gujrati or Marathi Veg Bhojnalay Near LB Nagar.