Hyderabadi chicken haleem

Hyderabadi chicken haleem 

Hyderabadi haleem’s generally known more for mutton than chicken. And Ramzan time’s haleem time. In today’s day ‘n age. To digest a dish like Haleem, it does take a bit of an effort. Hence, its popularity as fast-food. A good way to break one’s fast after a full day of fasting ‘n prayers during Ramzan. And haleem during Ramzan’s mostly around mutton. I dunno if anyone does chicken at that time. Rest of the year. It’s a different story all together. You hardly find haleem anywhere. I’ve searched high ‘n dry. And then I finally managed to find a good roadside haleem in Barkas. Some 30-odd kilometres from where I stay in Hyderabad. But this was Hyderabadi chicken haleem ‘n not the regular mutton ‘n ghee stuff. I was quite curious. I’d not had the chicken haleem before ‘n was quite keen to try it.

Hyderabadi chicken haleem

Hyderabadi chicken haleem at Lajawab Barkas

Lajawab haleem Barkas

Lajawab is a small roadside stall in Erragunta. Ahead of Barkas. A typical Hyderabadi chicken haleem pit-stop. Haleem cooked in a tandoor-like pit. Fired with firewood from below. Dished out by the plate; by the stall owner for each customer, on order. And some heavenly Sherwa or curry drizzled on top. Hey man! This’s nothing short of spectacular.

So I asked Mr. Habeeb Hadi Buftaim. The proud owner of this Hyderabadi chicken haleem shop. Why chicken ‘n not beef or mutton. After all, this part of town’s all ’bout beef, na. And I was quite surprised with his reply. He used to make haleem with beef earlier. But due to restrictions ’round killing cows in Hyderabad. It was difficult to get a consistent supply of local beef. Because of this, most of the beef was being smuggled from the neighbouring state of Orissa. And the haleem from this beef started to spoil after just 3-4 hours post preparation. Whereas the earlier beef used to last for 8-10 hours. Hence, he was forced to switch to chicken. Also, the shop’s now increased it’s customer base ‘n getting hindu clientele. Which wasn’t the case earlier. Anyway, he’s happy. And I’m happy too. As I get to eat good roadside haleem all year round ‘n not just during the month of Ramzan.

And the haleem at Lajawab was accompanied by a wonderful Suleimani tea. Ahahaha! Subhanallah! I’ve never had anything like the Suleimani chai at Lajawab. After all, how exciting can just plain simple black tea get. You gotta taste it to believe it. The Suleimani chai here’s worth. I dunno what. Priceless, I guess!

Try it, pepuls!

Hyderabadi chicken haleem

Hyderabadi chicken haleem being dished out at Lajawab in Barkas

Hyderabadi chicken haleem

Serving plates at Lajawab

Hyderabadi chicken haleem

Suleimani chai at Lajawab


Details of the place 

Address – In front of Mataam-al-arabi restaurant. Erragunta, Barkas. Hyderabad.

Timing – 2 pm to 930 pm. Or till stocks last.

Pricing – Chicken haleem’s priced at Rs.30 per plate.

hyderabadi chicken haleem

Lajawab haleem at Barkas Hyderabad


hyderabadi chicken haleem

Habeeb Hadi Buftaim at his haleem counter

hyderabadi chicken haleem

The Sherwa that’s drizzled on top of the haleem

Hyderabadi chicken haleem

This’s where the haleem is served from


Location on Google maps 

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About Chowder Singh’s Hyderabad street food guide 

Hyderabadi chicken haleem

Hyderabadi chicken haleem at Lajawab Barkas

Hyderabadi chicken haleem

Suleimani chai kettle


This guide has references to Chowder Singh’s favourite street ‘n local food in Hyderabad ‘n offbeat eating places. Along with original photos ‘n location on Google maps. Kindly note that Chowder Singh pays for all his meals. There are no listings against freebies or payment. And absolutely no going around looking for free biryani. If you’ve been to or have feedback on Hyderabadi Chicken haleem or other Hyderabadi street food. Please do share your experiences. Either in the comments section below. Or in the Chowder Singh facebook group.

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Also, please remember that the pricing of dishes that I’ve mentioned, are when I’ve visited. They might change over a period of time. I’ve still included these as a general guideline. And, please do remember that I write mostly about street food. I try ‘n write only about those places, which not only serve good food, but seem to maintain good hygiene practices. I suggest, for safety’s sake, it’s always better to eat at a street food place which’s busy. Also, neat ‘n clean. If they’re making an effort to keep the place clean, you can be reasonably sure that they’re also making an effort to serve hygienic food. But I’d say always go by your own instinct. And if you’re not sure, but still like to try, then have only the cooked stuff that’s still warm. Safer that way.


Happy hunting food in Hyderabad ‘n chow-chow!

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  1. That looks like heart attack on a plate. I remember eating the beef haleem years ago and the taste stayed with me for a very long time. The Chicken version looks delicious as well.

  2. Chowder Singh says: (Author)


  3. hemant khandkar says:

    Hey ,

    Can’t wait to taste. Any idea in Pune where i can get this?

  4. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    No idea Hemant. Haven’t seen this in Pune.

  5. Pranay Rupani says:

    Wait for Ramzan you may need to make changes to this post. The best time to have Haleem in Hyderabad is during Ramzan.

  6. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    So I’ve heard Pranay. Waiting for Ramzan to come.

  7. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    Taking your advice Pranay. I’ve had the Haleem at a lot of places now during Ramzan. Lajawab stands out as the best chicken haleem in the city. Can’t be compared to the mutton ones, of course. But in chicken, haven’t found anything better.

  8. Bro

    U killed it …. Awesome :)