Jhopdi Misal pav in Pune

Jhopdi Misal pav in Pune, Ganesh Peth

Dunno if you remember the song ‘Jalta hai badan’ from the 1983 movie Razia Sultan. I did, when I visited a new and unique street food concept and had the misal pav in Pune, called Jhopdi .

Ok! Maharastrian food’s spicy. I’ve heard many tales ’bout the super-tasty Mutton Kolhapuri and its bottom-burning qualities. In that regard, Jhopdi was my first real brush with the spicy Maratha cuisine.

So, me and my friends Atul and Pankaj were roaming around Rasta Peth, looking for misal pav in Pune. Wwe came across this place called Jhopdi, next to Alpana Talkies in Ganesh Peth. Strange name for a restaurant, but it looked nice from outside, so we went in. And lo! The ambience was stunning. Typical Maharastrian look; very rustic and creatively put together. For a moment, I just stood and gaped. This level of interiors in Ganesh Peth (which isn’t an upmarket sort of area) was totally unexpected. Superb, I must say! And people! This is street food we’re talking about. You get vada pav for Rs.7 and misal pav for Rs.14 here. I’ve never seen a street food joint done up so beautifully.

Misal Pav at Jhopdi

After looking around, we sat down in one of the low-tables and ordered a Misal Pav. Man! The stuff was spicy. Very very tasty, but spicy. After gulping down a gallon of water, I was forced to remember Khayyam-saab’s ‘Pyas bhadki hai…jalta hai badan‘ from Razia Sultan. Now, the Misal pav in Pune is supposedly less spicy than the Kolhapuri version. I can only imagine what will the Kolhapuri Misal do to me and its not if I can’t have or don’t like spicy food. Spice apart, I loved the Misal Pav and the different layers it’d to offer. Though one can’t discern the layers in the final dish, but that’s how its made. A layer of phodniche pohe (flattened rice, with a tadka of mustard seeds, green chillies) at the bottom, then the batatayachi bhaji (potato with onion, spices), post that the matki usal (sprouted moth/मोठ beans cooked with spices) and then a layer of chopped raw onions and then topped with tarri or kat (a dry-coconut-driven extremely spicy curry) and finally topped with some sev/chiwda to add a bit of crunch.

Misal (meaning mixture) is such a wonderful combination of these layers; it brings tears in to your eyes (literally; though more due to the chilly), but jokes apart, I loved the Misal. And the reason why Pav’s given along is that when you feel the heat of the chilly, you’re supposed to bite in to the pav, which makes the experience bearable (for people like me).

All in all, the Misal Pav in Pune is wonderful. Now I’m dying to taste the Kolhapuri version. The difference between the two’s the level of spice and usually the phodniche pohe’s missing in the Kolhapuri version.

And here’s a video of Jhopdi’s stunning interiors. If you’re in Pune, a visit to Jhopdi’s a must.

Video of Jhopdi interiors


Address and map of Jhopdi in Pune

Jhopdi’s in Ganesh Peth, near Alpana Talkies in Pune.

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Happy hunting the misal pav in Pune and chow-chow!

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  1. Akash Gupta [Vijay Gupta] says:

    Chowder Singhji [aka Mohit],

    what a stunning, picturesique description man! Made me miss my Mumbai days!

    Vada Pav @ 7?! Misal Pav @ 14?! UNBELIEVABLE!

    If only I’d known this place earlier!

    Thnx…& keep posting! :)

  2. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    Thank you Akash.

  3. Loved your idea of Video in this post.

  4. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    Thank you Pawan. I loved the interiors of the place and wanted to show it as it is. Photographs at times do not do justice, especially in the hands of amateurs.

  5. amazing interiors and the food looks mouth watering….
    never seen such a place before, I SURELY HAVE TO VISIT!!

  6. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    You must Madhu. Jhopdi’s an exceptional place. Try the thali. Its sublime. Its only open till 4pm though.

  7. Wasn’t aware of this place ..will surely this now!!

  8. I can’t forget a wonderful misal paav at Bedekars in Pune. It was hot and sweet stuff. Cause it was it was so hot couldn’t eat more than one plate and the sweetness and the tanginess made it want more. The sitting arrangements aren’t nice like the above one and small too. There is a waiting line and yet everything was worth it. The curd served along was nice too.

  9. Chowder Singh says: (Author)

    I’ve also heard a lot about the Misal at Bedekar’s.