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This guide has references to Chowder Singh’s favourite Hyderabad street food and offbeat eating places along with photos and location on Google maps. Kindly note that Chowder Singh pays for all his meals. There are no listings against freebies or payment. And absolutely no going around looking for free vada pav. If you’ve been to the Rehmatullah Baig’s lunch stall or any other places listed in this guide. Would love to hear your feedback, either in the comments section below. Or please email at

Hyderabad street food

Rehmatullah’s stall

Rehmatullah Baig’s lunch stall 

This’s purely a lunch stall open from 1130 in the morning to 330 in the evening. Rehmatullah Baig and his two brothers run the stall themselves. They serve a variety of curries and seven different kinds of rice. Their food is a mix of  Muslim style and Andhra cooking. Some dishes like the sambar, tomato rice, lime rice are very very Andhra. The bagara rice and  liver masala are more Muslim style.

I guess the owners are muslims, but most of their clients aren’t. Hence the mixing of two styles. Usually street food stalls have limited few items. Hence I was quite surprised to see so much of Hyderabad street food variety in this stall. Everything I ate at this stall was superb. Limited quantity, freshly prepared, no recycling. All the food was kept covered. Food was served in steel plates lined with disposable plastic paper. What more do you want from street food.

The two dishes that stood out for me where the liver masala and bagara rice. The liver masala was very tasty. It was neither overpowering liver nor overpowering masala. Just perfect! The bagara rice literally translates as tempered rice. It’s more like a pulao but the tempering of spices gives it a perfect balance of clean tasting yet flavourful.

Rehmatullah Baig maintains his stall neatly and keeps a good focus on quality. And the food’s reasoably priced. No wonder, this’s a very popular stall in that area.

Video on Rehmatullah’s Hyderabad street food stall


Details of the lunch stall

Address – The stall’s located next to the Masjid on road number 3 in Banjara hills, Hyderabad.

Pricing – The food’s reasonably priced. The liver masala with bagara rice costs Rs.50 a plate. And decent portion size.

Hyderabad street food

Liver masala with Bagara rice

Location of Rehmatullah’s Hyderabad street food stall on Google maps

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Happy hunting Hyderabad street food and chow-chow!

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