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Annakoot Recipe – Saggadda tradition on Govardhan Pooja

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Govardhan Pooja is celebrated in Bhargava homes with a special dish called Saggadda or Annakoot. This falls on the day after Diwali. And I had the opportunity to experience this wonderful tradition at a friend’s place yesterday. The Annakoot recipe or Saggadda. As it’s known in Bhargava homes is a unique combination of 56 ingredients, including 22 vegetables. Most recipes use around 38-40 ingredients, but some use more. The dish has no onion or garlic.

The Chappan (56) bhog has a special significance around the number 56. Lord Krishna stood for seven days without food lifting up Govardhan hill on his little finger. According to mythology, he used to have eight meals in a day. Hence the bhog offering of 56 (8×7) items. The Chappan bhog is distinct from Saggadda and is a mix of sweets and savoury dishes. I wanted to highlight the relevance of the number 56 in both cases.

Saggadda’s a fantastic mixture of summer vegetables going out of season and winter vegetables are are just coming in. The vegetables used in Saggadda are Brinjal, Cauliflower, Sem (Lima Beans), Pumpkin, Small Potato, Cabbage, French Beans, Capsicum, Okra. Parwal (Pointed Gourd), Raw Banana, Yam, Spinach leaf, Methi leaf, Arbi (Taro root), Sweet Potato, Singhada (Indian water chestnut). Radish leaf, Kundru (Ivy gourd) and Methi Mutheya (fried dumplings made from Besan and Methi leaf).

Annakoot Recipe
Annakoot Saggadda Recipe

The spices used are Bayleaf, Black and Green Cardamom, Clove, Pepper, Cumin. Red Chilli Hing, Turmeric, Curry leaf and Coriander seed.

The Bhog Thali for Govardhan Pooja had the Saggadda, Puri, Suji Halwa, Kadhi, Steamed Rice, Homemade Burfi, Mawa Bati and Gujiya shaped like a potli and Chewda.

It was wonderful learning about the tradition around Saggadda. This was something new for me and I’m thankful to Prateek Bhargava for this opportunity.

Here’s a recipe of Annakoot or Saggadda


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