Category: Delhi

jama masjid food

Butter Cream Chicken at Jama Masjid

Butter Cream Chicken at Aslam is the new face of Jama Masjid food and what I call the Mughlaification of the Butter Chicken. Here’s more about this dish

chicken changezi

The Story Behind Chicken Changezi

Many people mistakenly associate the origin of Chicken Changezi with the Mongol ruler Gengis Khan. Here’s more about the history of the dish

kerala food in delhi

South Cafe – Kerala Food in Delhi

Kerala food in Delhi is not very common but some places are quite decent. Been going to this small joint called South Cafe in Gautam Nagar for many years

palika bazaar

Palika Bazaar Ka Mutton Korma

Palika Bazaar is known more for electronic goods and casual wear clothing. Not many know about an excellent Mutton Korma that you get there

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