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chicken changezi

The Story Behind Chicken Changezi

Many people mistakenly associate the origin of Chicken Changezi with the Mongol ruler Gengis Khan. Here’s more about the history of the dish

Irani Cafe Chair

The Chair That Defines An Irani Cafe

Like every influential city in the west, Bombay had its own Cafe culture; the Irani Cafe. One of the most defining features was the Chair in Irani Cafes. Here’s more about this

congress bun

What Is A Congress Bun?

The Congress Bun is a classic from Old Bangalore. A savoury bun with spiced peanuts. Here’s more about this Bangalore icon

chai in bangalore

Midnight Chai in Bangalore

I’ve been a big fan of Savera Tea Centre for many years now. Its open 24×7 and is my favourite place for a midnight chai in Bangalore


Khiri – Kebab Made From Buff Udders

Khiri is made from udders and is quite unique. It’s a bit chewy and that’s what makes it special. Found a small street food joint in Pune serving this

kerala food in delhi

South Cafe – Kerala Food in Delhi

Kerala food in Delhi is not very common but some places are quite decent. Been going to this small joint called South Cafe in Gautam Nagar for many years

over easy eggs

Pune Station Ka Alti Palti

Alti Palti or Over Easy Eggs is classic Pune street food. There’s an entire row of street vendors making this outside of the Railway Station in Pune

paya shop

Babban Paya Shop – Thane

Found this small but lovely Goat Paya shop in Louiswadi in Thane. Babban Paya Shop is run by Babban and his grandmom. Here’s more about this shop

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