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Kerala Tea Shop In Bangalore

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I was so happy to find this Kerala tea shop in Bangalore. In a day filled with back-to-back work meetings. I was called to Lazy Suzy for a meeting and happened to spot this nicely done up tea shop nextdoors. The Samovar there told me that this’s my kinda place. So I shifted my meeting to Chai & Kadi. Thus Avocado shake got replaced by the good ol’ Chai-ya (Kerala style tea). 

The Kerala tea is special and unlike the boiled tea which one gets elsewhere in the country. Which can be at best described as of national obsession to drink tea flavoured milk. Kerala actually brews tea and adds it to the milk. The tea leaves in question are obviously Crush-Tear-Curl (CTC) which produces a strong cuppa with a bit of tea dust added. 

Chai and Kadi

Chai & Kadi is a wonderful concept run by a Malayali couple from Calicut and with their young daughter to help. Had some lovely snacks there including Elae-Ada (rice flour dumpling with a stuffing of coconut and sugar, wrapped in banana leaf and steamed), Param Narachathe (ethekya banana stuffed with coconut and batter fried) and Kappa-Chammandi (steamed tapioca with a pounded spicy green chilly-onion-ginger dip).

And finally there was something called Love Letter. A rolled pancake with a cooked coconut and sugar stuffing. The Malayali sense of humour coming through nicely with Love Letter and it’s quite a tasty dish. 

Kerala tea in Bangalore
Kappa-Chammandi at Chai & Kadi

I loved Chai & Kadi. The problem with most tea places in India is either they’re street places and not meant for all or they fall into the trap of being pretentious. Places like Chai & Kadi are a breadth of fresh air and I sincerely hope they find their feet and do well. 

Kerala Tea Recipe

Here’s a nice Chai-ya recipe



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