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Kentacky Chicken Corner

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Kentacky Chicken Corner opened almost at the same time KFC opened their first outlet in India. At Brigade Road in Bangalore. Could be a few months earlier or a few months later. The Indian economy was just about opening up during this time and there was tremendous opposition locally, to all such big players coming from outside. My first memory of KFC was a truckload of policemen who were stationed outside the KFC outlet 24×7 because of constant demonstrations and attacks on the KFC outlet from someone or the other. And this was the case for many years. There was tremendous buzz around the opening of KFC and many old timers call Kentacky Chicken Corner. The Original KFC.

The Original KFC

Kentacky Chicken Corner was initially started by a Mangalorean gentleman. Hence the flavour profile of the dishes served here is more towards those of that region. It’s now owned by Venkat Reddy, who’s ¬†from Andhra Pradesh. A wee bit of Andhra flavours have crept into some of the dishes at KCC. But the food largely remain Mangalorean. KCC is just a hole-in-a-wall, but produces excellent quality stuff. It’s unlike the traditional Bangalore street food places like the ones you find in Malleshwaram, Jayanagar or even the Muslim parts of Shivaji Nagar and Frazer Town. But it holds out on its own and has been around in the Bangalore street food scene for a long long time.

The Dosa at Kentacky

What you need to have here is their basic Dosa with chicken. Their other stuff is goo too, but this’s what most people have here. And it’s damn good. The dosa is like set dosa, thick and spongy. I suspect they add a bit of soda bicarbonate for it to become a bit more fluffy than normal. Almost like a Davangere Sponge Dosa, but not as thick.

The chicken curry is coconut-driven and heavy on coriander powder and other spices. Chicken pieces are on-the-bone, which makes it nicer. The dosa soaked in this curry with a bit of their red and white chutneys (you’ve to ask separately for these). Is quite heavenly. KCC also does lovely sannas. The Mangalorean version of idli, which are shaped like flattened out pyramids. And toddy is used to ferment these. The resulting flavour’s outstanding.

All-in-all, if you’re in Bangalore and you’ve not been to KCC. You must make the visit soon. There’s no seating and you’ve to stand and eat. But the space is neat and clean and a fairly ok kinda place. It opens only in the evenings and is quite a busy place. Its now called Kentacky Dosa Corner. And the U has been replaced by A. Someone from Kentucky might’ve given them some grief.

Here’s the address and other details of the outlet.

Happy hunting and Chowder-on!!

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