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Millet Fried Rice

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Millets are the original cereal of many regions in India. Especially areas which are traditionally drought prone. These are hardy crops that require much less water compared to rice and wheat and generally have a higher tolerance to temperature fluctuations. With the movement across the world to Ancient Grains and Ancient Food Culture (Read as Quinoa), Millets are ancient grains of the Indian sub-continent, which are now waiting to be re-discovered by us

Shezwan Style Millet Fried Rice

I was looking to discover some local joints in Bangalore which serve traditional Millet dishes and came across this South Indian joint called South Ruchi near the Bangalore Race Course. Which was promoting organic produce and a Millet thali. It was nice to see local thali places promoting the cause of organic produce

They have a Millet Thali which has different kinds of Millet dishes, but they don’t serve this beyond 930pm at night. I was 10 minutes late and was told that most of the dishes in the Millets Thali were over and hence they couldn’t serve me this. So I ordered the other exciting dish on the menu. A Shezwan style Millet Fried Rice with Gobhi Manchurian

The Millet Fried Rice in case is a bit misleading as the dish has no rice. But what else to call it. Fried Millet would denote something totally different. This was Foxtail Millet (navane in Kannada) cooked in the style of Shezwan Fried Rice. Millets are generally tasty cereals with lovely texture, but do need a bit of getting used to in non-traditional recipes like western style bread or stuff like Desi Chinese style fried rice. But overall, Millets are a much healthier option as they’re not genetically modified or pumped with fertiliser or pesticides

Gobhi Manchurian

I find the Bangalore love for Gobhi Manchurian a bit unexplainable. It’s not as if they do the dish well, but it’s so so popular here. It’s a very done thingi to go to Thindi Beedi (Bangalore’s most famous Khau Gulli or Food Street in VV Puram) and have Gobhi Manchurian Roll ?? Gobhi Manchurian is almost like an obsession in Bangalore. I only wish that they start doing a good job with it

All in all, South Ruchi was too ‘Indian Fine Dine’ for my taste. But it’s not a very expensive place. Just done up in the style of what’s now come to be known as ‘Indian Fine Dine’. They’ve another outpost in Majestic which looked more like my scene. Probably might go back to try the Millet Thali someday. The service at South Ruchi was excellent btw. Hussain did a good job keeping up with my many quirks.

Here’s a nice recipe of Millet Fried Rice

Chowder-on and Let’s Millet!!

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